Sunday, December 12, 2010

Today I Learned

Apparently in the Year Of Our Lord 18somethingorother, all of England was simultaneously struck with laryngitis. Source of this knowledge: Bedding the Baron, by Deborah Raleigh.


p.16 "'Holy hell,' Ian rasped."

p.64 "'Beneath all your starch and wool you smell like midnight roses, poppet,' he husked."

p.72 "'Certainly not,' she breathed, her voice oddly husky."

p.100 "'I need to return to the inn,' she husked."

p.114 "'Of course it is a matter of choice,' she protested, her voice husky."

p.117 "'You are a woman who never fails to surprise, poppet,' he husked"

p.124 "'So after all we have shared you intend to scurry back behind your barriers?' he rasped."

p.138 "'Good evening, Portia,' he husked"

p.170 "'God..." he husked"

p.172 "'Whatever you desire, poppet, ' he husked"

p.174 "'Oh...' she rasped"

p.180 "'I have never wanted a woman as I want you,' he rasped"

p.219 "'How could I resist when the scenery is so very charming?' Ian husked."

p.219 "'A Mr. Smith to see you, Ma'am,' the maid croaked."

p.226 "'Where? Where was the ceremony?' he rasped."

p.243 "'No, Father, I do not believe that you could possibly realize just what it means to be a bastard,' he grated."

p.244 "'Hardly the same as being offered a grand estate and respectable place in society, is it?' he gritted."

p.245 "His short laugh rasped throughout the room."

p.247 "'You... You spoke with Mrs. Greaves?' the older man rasped, his countenance ashen."

p.254 "'By the gods, I wish I had,' he rasped"

p.255 "'You must understand that the estate was on the brink of ruin,' he rasped."

p.266 "'I returned last eve,' he said, his voice thick and raspy as if his throat was raw."

p.275 "'Yes, I can,' Frederick gritted, a startling color flaring along his cheekbones."

p.280 "'Good God, he gained you as his wife,' he rasped."

p.294 "'Yes, perhaps you are right,' she husked."

p.297 "'Please, Frederick,' she pleaded huskily."

p.321 "'One thing that I desire above all others, poppet,' he husked."

(**NOTE: I do NOT mock while claiming that I can do any better. Believe you me, my writing is every bit as full of mockability.**)


  1. By the time I got down the list to page 254 I was laughing out loud. So, I won't be borrowing this one???

  2. Thankfully, it was a library book. I am sure I could arrange something for you, if needed... I live to serve, really.